EDM Secret Santa 2k13!

i’m so sorry that this took me so long, and that it’s so short, and that it doesn’t include kavinsky. i had this whole elaborate thing planned out but then i got struck by this and i just couldn’t leave fluffy franck/seb alone. merry christmas blackkolors!

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yo uh if you wanna find me im on wakeupdonnie-

but I can’t guarantee ill follow yall back or anything lol im tryna avoid fandom drama shite and let my inner hipster breathe

It took me over a minute to find your page buttons. I do not like them very much.


tears 4 u

hi friends



Dr. Dr. PhD Chum on: EDM evolution today

Wait this just got more funny. Not many people like grass types and the french edm artists are grass types. Omg this is hilarious

yes much funny too hilarious to handle ha h ah ah ah a

u so funny omfg i can barely stand you and your HUMOUR WOWIE I LOVE YOUR SUPERIORITY COMPLEX ABOUT AMERICAN EDM ahh much hilarious

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"the test is today"


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Oliver playing in the grass.

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If this isn’t the funniest thing you’ve seen all day, you’re a fucking liar.

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mention of college


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curled paw of accomplishment #cat #oneofthemanygingersinmylife

baby girl #germanshepherd #freja

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